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SAGE 50 PREMIUM - VERSIONS LIMITATIONS - Price 1 User $599 (With payroll - $798)
A- Sage 50 Premium has a 5 user limit in the file at a time.
B - Sage 50 Premium cannot handle a large amount of data
C - Sage 50 Premium cannot do progressive billing.
D - Sage 50 Premium cannot deal with foreign currency.
- Sage 50 Premium can only operate in 2 fiscal years - you cannot enter anything that is not in these 2 years.
- Sage 50 Premium has no built in payroll module - an separate module must be bought.
G - Sage 50 Premium has the same price for each year upgrade, just like you buy it new every year.

The price to get around these issues is not cheap.  If your a windows user you have to change to Sage 50 Quantum with a full silver service plan ($3299). If your a Mac user you must run windows in a vitural machine, plus all the windows expenses.

Convert your accounting software to AcountEdge.  The cost of AccountEdge with almost the same feature set as Sage Quantum and service plan is $698.  In most cases we can convert your files to AccountEdge for less than upgrading to Sage Quantum.

Sage 50 Premium is not a good solution for lots of small businesses.